October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Flowers By Lois

Pink Rose Perfection
Pink Rose Perfection TMF-603 US 99.95
Harvest Sunrise
Harvest Sunrise TMF-1458 US 64.95
Delicate Beauty
Delicate Beauty TMF-257A US 79.95
Serene Pink Meadow
Serene Pink Meadow TMF-959 US 109.95
Inspired by You
Inspired by You TMF-1450 US 79.95
Pink Twinkledotted 
Pink Twinkledotted  TMF-253 US 62.95
Kisses TMF13-223 US 164.95
Orange Rocks
Orange Rocks TMF-350 US 54.95
Luxurious TMF-1175 US 119.95
Queen Bee
Queen Bee TMF-1453 US 54.95
The FTD® Mariposa Bouquet
The FTD® Mariposa Bouquet 21-S5 US 44.99
Harvest Sun
Harvest Sun TMF-334 US 149.95

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